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Property Auctions

Recognized for 70 years as one of the island’s leading firms of Auctioneers, C.D. Alexander offers reputable valuations as a quick and efficient way of obtaining the best property value.

Economy Service

This represents the service that one normally sees in Jamaica, where advertisements are run over a three week period for the property concerned, stating the address and location of property concerned and the time of sale. This package is ideal for multiple instructions where the intention is to warn, for instance the mortgagor that if outstanding debts are not paid the property may be auctioned.

Ambassadorial Service

This is tailor-made to add a further dimension to the private auction property market which provides both the client and the prospective purchaser with a more in depth service.  In addition to advertising, this involves an inspection of the property by an appraiser from our company which will provide a basic fact sheet with a brief description and photographs.

Excelsior Service

This is a total package service which is tailored for the clients who wish to fully market their property over, a six week period, to allow maximum exposure, in order to increase the likelihood of a sale.
This package is ideal, where it is difficult to gauge the true demand and value of the property and the client wishes to expose the property to the largest number of people.
This involves all one finds in the ambassadorial service, but with the addition of:

Upcoming Auctions  |  Auctioneering  |  Chattels 

Our Auction Department based on experience is able to provide advice on value and the auction of chattels ranging from antique furniture, oriental rugs and paintings.
Throughout the year we hold regular Chattel Auctions with a wide array of:

Commission rates are available upon request. Requests can be made via e-mail address, or by speaking to our Auction department on 876.754.9991/2 

The Auction Department in collaboration with our Appraisal Department can also provide valuations and appraisals for:

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